don’t judge others behind their back


Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. Life is much too short to be lived talking about people, gossiping, and stirring up trouble that has no substance. If you don’t know, please ask. If you don’t agree, argue. If you don’t like it, please say it. But don’t judge others behind their back.


  1. Amused- Go find a post where you rant about cluttered frdgie anger. I like things clean but have two beautiful daughters who I am proud to display their artwork. Some people thats where they put their movtivation for the day or grandparents, parents that have passed on. Who cares really what they put on its their frdgie. If your not going to be with someone because they have a cluttered frdgie (which can be dealt with) sounds like you need more help than they do. I’m sure you have quirks too. As for Manning 181- Did you just say dumbass chick and your a chick .how low. Women who not only refer to women as “chicks” have no loyalty and you have probably been stabbing women in the back for years now. “Ladies watch your men”I am proud to be a woman, we are amazing. If the word chicks comes up, it better be followed by ROCKS!!!!!Keep kicking ass ladies!!!!

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