If you want someone to treat you with love, then you need to start with treating yourself with love


He’s Not a “Bad Boy,” He’s Just Bad

It’s takes a shift in your perspective to see when you’re in a bad relationship. In this case, your partner may not be stepping up or they are not acting like they are in a relationship with you. You’re doing everything to make it work and dedicating a lot of your energy to the relationship, but they just don’t seem to be taking it serious.

Is There a Problem?

There are a variety of signs that can tell you if your mate is in the relationship with your or only acting the part.

  1. If your partner is not showing interest in your day, your friends or other interests, there’s a problem.
  2. If they only go out with you when there’s nothing else better (or nothing on TV).
  3. If you’ve asked them to try to make it work, but they can’t, there’s a problem. “It’s like asking someone for a loan when they don’t have money in the bank.” If you’re asking them to commit or show more love, they might be emotionally unable to do it.
  4. They are not treating you to the level you deserve that makes you feel good.
  5. They are constantly unavailable.
  6. You become an option, not a priority.

What Are You Avoiding?

We often found that when someone fills their entire life with the relationship, they are avoiding their own life. “What are you not making yourself available for in your own life?” We found that people might be living in the past or living in the future by holding onto the vision of when she/he finally loves them. And since that person is emotionally unavailable, your life is passing you by.

End the Excuses

It’s often that someone say they won’t leave the relationship because “they’re going through something.” It doesn’t matter if they were hurt in a past relationship, it’s the current one that’s the issue. You’re not responsible for how they will react. You’re not doing anything against him. You’re doing something for yourself.


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