Past is Past


Past is past. If you want happiness, don’t walk together with your past. It maybe unforgettable but the reality is past us just a lesson. Just look back but never bring it back.

It is better to say something direct to the point than to keep someone guessing because maybe, their interpretation is different from what you want to say.

You will know true love works with someone if they still love the other person even at the worst time of their lives.

Don’t count the things you think you have done for someone. Instead, count the number of times you felt better just because you made them happy.

If this world runs out of lovers, we still have each other.

It is not bad to fall in love with someone just be sure of what you feel and be ready to risk something because loving someone is the most beautiful thing but flirting is more exciting.

They say that when break up comes someone better will come. Yes, someone will come. But it doesn’t always mean that he/she is better. Maybe different but not always better.

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